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2007 Results


1. Fountain City Brass Band 3,292,69,361
2. Brass Band of Central Florida 8,288,66,354
3. Wingates Band 5,288,64,352
4. Eastern Iowa Brass Band 1,270,50,320
5. Prairie Brass Band 4,263,51,314
6. Illinois Brass Band 2,253,49,302
7. Milwaukee Festival Brass 7,245,51,296
8. Motor City Brass Band 6,246,45,291
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Caption Results

U.S. Open ChampionsPresented by Buffet Crampon Fountain City Brass Band
Second PlacePresented by Sonare Winds/York Brass Band of Central Florida
Most EntertainingPresented by Sam Ash Fountain City Brass Band
Best Solo PerformancePresented by Smith Watkins Raquel Rodriguez, Fountain City Brass Band – Carnival of Venice
Best New Composition or ArrangementPresented by DANSR/Denis Wick Mouthpieces Lucy Pankhurst, Wingates – Wicked
Best CornetPresented by Buffet Crampon Raquel Rodriquez, Fountain City
Best Percussion Section Brass Band of Central Florida


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