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Reviews & Feedback

What Are People Saying About the U.S. Open?

Comments about the U.S. Open that we've received from participants, audience members, and vendors.

"If you live within a hemisphere of Chicago, you should consider putting the second annual U.S. Open Brass Band Championships on your calendar for next year."

Michael Boo

"My husband and I just got back from attending the U.S. Open Brass Band Championships. It was really excellent and we enjoyed every minute of it."

Ruth Anderson - Lennox, South Dakota

"We enjoyed our stay in Arlington Heights, had a great time at the competition and banquet, and made a lot of new friends. Everyone I know in our band had a great time during the competition."

John Copella - Brass Band of Central Florida

"Congratulations for a monstrously successful, first ever, U.S. Open Brass Band Championships!"

David McDaniel - Bernel Music

"First, I want to thank you for putting together a world class festival! Words can't describe how much I enjoyed that day. Congratulations!"

John Zwolanek - Madison, Wisconsin

"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the U.S. Open Brass Band Championships this past Saturday. After our performance, most of our group stayed the whole day to listen to and watch all of the groups perform. The band members from our group were just thrilled to be a part of the competition...and a little scared too - about half of the people in our group had never competed before in any brass band event, and none of us had ever competed in an entertainment contest.

"Everyone kept saying what a wonderful day it was - the music was so well played and was so entertaining. Some of our friends who were not performers came along to watch and they too said what an enjoyable day it was. I would just like to thank you again for an amazing experience."

Kathe Betz - Milwaukee Festival Brass

"Congratulations on an outstanding weekend. I know that I speak for all participants... A JOB WELL DONE. I am certain that the U.S. Open next year will be a major success as well."

Ron Phillips - Smith-Watkins Brass Instruments


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